Window makeover ideas easy to DIY

Window makeover, Ideas to restore your window design :- Home Decor Vikram

             We all know about major role of window in home building or home designing, They allow natural light, fresh air into the house and unique styles of window add extra beauty to house. 

           Window plays major role in attractivness of the house, but the ways of home designing and architecture of home changes continuously specially for window from classic Victorian to modern minimalist designs. 

Window makeover, Ideas to restore your window design

               While making a makeover of your window there are different ways from restoring window itself to adding extra beauty on existing window like window curtain. The article specifically going through different ways to makeover your window design. 
           Number of window and size of window also matter very well in home architecture. Finding in-budget best quality window it not at all easy as we think. Here we listed some different types of windows for home and some ways to decor it. 

🔸 Selection Criteria For Your Home Window or Things To Be Considered While Selecting A Window :- 

           Selection of window for house depends on many factors, you have to keep in mind all the factors we mention here. 

1) Size of the wall where you want to install a window. 
2) Location of the house. 
3) Overall Climatic conditions of your area. 
4) Direction of local wind. 
5) Overall architecture design of the house. 

          This are same small but pretty important factors that you have to keep in mind while Selecting your home windows.

Latest Top 4 Modern Window Design :- 

              We already mention above that there are number of window options available for you like simply style of window, modern style of window, Grill style of window, Full glass style of window, contemporary style of window or many more also. 

         Finding a single window out of this to big list it’s not easy so you can use the above mentioned criteria to find out best window for home. 

1) Bay Window :- 

Bay Window design

            Basically the bay window multi–panel window and it is a considerable feature of modern house architecture. As you can see bay window expand outside from the wall, there number different of options in a category of bay window itself. 

          Aa you see it expand out of wall structure,  it expand with internal angel of around 90°, 135°, and 150° are the most frequent for bay windows. There is multiple compartments in bay window it increase as a size of window increase. 

          We thought in first para there is number of varity available in bay window design. Bay window doesn’t change to much in last many years but it has some unique changes which ultimately create unique bay window categories. 

🔸 Types of Bay window :- 

▪️ Canted Bay Windows. 
▪️  Box Bay Windows. 
▪️ Oriel Windows. 
▪️ Circle Bay Windows

🔸 Pro’s and Cons of bay window :- 

🔸Pro’s :- 

1) Provide good ventilation and natural light. 
2) It has it’s own unique look. 
3) Provide extra space inside the wall. 
4) Increase your property value

🔸 Cons :- 

1) It’s expensive. 
2) required high maintenance. 
3) They allow plenty of light sometimes you don’t like that

2) Sliding Window :- 

Sliding Window design
Sliding Window

              Sliding Window it can be large as much as you want or it can be small as you want. Such types of window classified as Double track sliding Window, Triple Track Sliding Windows and Multi Track Sliding Windows. 

         The largest window with multi track easily able to cover whole wall of the bedroom or any room. They open into its available frame space they don’t require extra space to open out or to close. 

         The biggest advantage or disadvantage as per what you this is that sliding Window never open fully it’s one slide of the window always be closed. 

🔸 Pro’s and cons of sliding Window :- 

▪️ pro’s :- 

1) Large ventilation space. 
2) allow plenty of light. 
3) Provide clear and big view of outside. 
4) Also available in small size. 

🔸 Cons :-

1) Exposed fully to outside world. 
2) Not coast effective

3) Round Window Design :- 

Round Window Design
Image :
Round window design

             As we promise you that we listed top unique window design for you and this is one of them. Round window is a gothic architectural type of window. 

          The round window specially popular in Europe in middle age and it is fix or open in nature. It’s also known as porthole window. 

🔸 Pro’s and cons of round window :-   

▪️Pro’s :- 

1) Has it’s own unique design and style. 
2) It will add extra light in a area. 
3) Low maintenance window cost. 

▪️ Cons :- 

1) Most round window fix so it’s not I working. 
2) This window is difficult to install. 
3) Not really look cool for a house. 

4) Double-Hung and Single-Hung Windows :-

Double-Hung and Single-Hung Window
Image : Pinterest
Single and double hung window. 

          The window provide number of operable sashes that slide upwards and downwards for ventilation. This type of window more efficient than any other window in air ventilation and to allow natural light inside home. 

          The windows also available in number of size and number of variable options. 

Double-Hung and Single-Hung Windows :-

🔸 Pro’s and cons of Double-Hung and Single-Hung Windows :- 

▪️Single-Hung windows pro’s :- 

1) In-budget price. 
2) Easy to clean. 
3) easy installation. 

▪️ Cons :- 

1) Less air circulation. 
2) Most of them in small size. 

▪️ Double-Hung windows pro’s :- 

1) Ease of cleaning and accessibility. 
2) Can be used with window AC. 
3) Available in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and materials. 

▪️ Cons :- 

1) High price. 
2) They are not as airtight as other windows. 
3) High maintenance cost. 

✨ How to do makeover of window :- 

              The list of window that we mention just above the point the window we selected for you they itself had it’s own unique design and attractivness, but what can we do more to create extra eye-catching look of window. 

1) Applying window curtain on window :-       

Curtain design for window
Image: Amazon
Window curtain design makeover. 
Shope Now

            Having a right type of size, shape, color and the theme of design matching with interior design theme of house also a great way to do window makeover. The curtain block the natural light whenever you don’t want to it. 

        Contemporary style of curtain give gorgeous look to window, a Polyester material of curtain keep it’s dust free. The design of curtain also matter in home decor. 

        The wave like pattern just like above one trendy look and redefines your decor. Each curtain has 8 silver coated eyelets for an elegant look.

2) Hang your favorite toy in a window :- 

Hang your favorite toy in a window
Hanging toy for window

            Most creative way to design your window, everyone like and it will create mode refreshing atmosphere in your room. The different types of toys which depicted for special things you can apply in your window. 

         You can made it yourself or you can purchase it at very low price, instead of only toys there are many paper toys you can love them. While installing a such a toys you can follow certain themes which will create more amazing look of window. 

3) Growing indoor small plant in window :- 

Growing indoor small plant in window
Window plant design

          Indoor plant always helpful to maintain indoor air quality, growing a indoor plant in a window is best option because plant need sun light to grow and in window they exposed to plenty of sun light. 

        While talking about different types of window we mention about bay window which leave lot of extra space from inside, you can use that space in create maner to grow indoor plant. 

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