ways to chill down hot kitchen.

 ❤ Why your kitchen heat most, ways to chill down kitchen area :- Home Decor Vikram

            Cooling down kitchen is important to keep healthy and fresh food as well as kitchen climate. Many people don’t understand that the need of kitchen cooling. There are number of ways by which your kitchen heat up and number of ways to cooling down it. 

Why your kitchen heat most, ways to chill down kitchen area
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Kitchen area

           We all know that the best way to cooling down your kitchen is natural ventilation, and second options most of time people install kitchen chimney. We already talked about best kitchen chimney to absorb maximum heat you can get here everything about the chimney. 

         There are other ways also to chill down your kitchen like indoor plant, coloring of kitchen, wisely use of cooking stove to maintain kitchen temperatures. 

           So in this article we going to talk about different reasons to heat up kitchen area and best solution on that problem. 

✨ Different reasons behind your kitchen area heat up for maximum time :- 

1) No Natural ventilation :- 

               Natural ventilation is a important part of your kitchen cooling system. Natural air is a best way to cool down your kitchen area. While installing windows in kitchen try to install according to the local climate. Sometimes excess of sun light also one of the reasons behind kitchen heat up. 

          Direction of wind also matter in cooling system of your kitchen. Your windows should be always open for natural air. If there is kitchen area so large you can install multiple windows for maximum natural ventilation. 

2) There is no kitchen chimney in kitchen :- 

               Without kitchen chimney it’s really hard to maintain kitchen temperature cool and steady. Kitchen chimney help to remove gas, smoke, oil droplets. We already talk about best kitchen chimney you can find here

           Kitchen chimney is not just cool down the kitchen temperature but also help to keep clean kitchen area. Kitchen specially designed to absorb hot gasses of kitchen. 

  ✨  Some important benifits of kitchen chimney :- 
▪️ Better lighting up your kitchen area. 
▪️Makes cooking comfortable. 
▪️Keeps the air clean. 
▪️Protects walls and kitchen tiles. 

3) Extreme use of cooking appliances :- 

              In modern day there are number different cooking appliances we used in cooking the extreme use of such appliances also increase the kitchen heat. 

         The appliances like oven, refrigerator, cooking stove electric or gas….. many more. Here We are not saying that you have to stop use of such appliances but you can use it wisely so it will help you to lower the kitchen temperature. 

✨ How does heat affect in your kitchen tiles, cooking, furniture? 

             First warm temperatures of kitchen lower the enjoyment of cooking, everyone here want to cook in a pleasant and cool temperature to enjoy at maximum level. Extreme heat of kitchen area affect your furniture and tiles negatively. 

          It also affect the vegitables that you store out side the refrigerator, there is not more than single day life span for such a vegitable. If there is not installation of kitchen chimney the all dust, smoke, oil droplets started affect on a walls of kitchen. 
        When your kitchen getting heat up it also affect the surrounding like your dining area, bedroom if it is close to kitchen. Warm temperatures of kitchen develop number of problems in your house including the mood of family members. 

✨ Different ways to cool down your kitchen :- 

1) Natural ventilation or indoor plant :- 

             Natural ventilation is most effective way to maintain your kitchen natural temperature. Natural ventilation can be a window, indoor plants and also sun light. 

            Growing a indoor plants in your kitchen corners is good may to filter kitchen air. Cooking release lot of smoke with oil droplets and also the shade of spices, plants will help you in cleaning kitchen air. 
        We listed some of the best indoor plants approved by NASA for indoor ventilation. There is listed of indoor plants with its advantages and disadvantages you can get here

2) Use modern induction stove :- 

          Traditional stove most of the time release lot of heat and make your kitchen unbearably hot, specially when your kitchen is so small without any natural ventilation and fan. 

           Use of modern induction stove is a best option to lower the kitchen hotness, they help in to keep low hot temperature because of they prevents generating excess heat by directing the energy onto the pan instead of the air in the kitchen. 

3) Install ceiling fan or table fan :- 

            Fan whether it is ceiling or table it help to circulate air flow through kitchen and lowers the kitchen hot temperature. By any chance you have already ceiling fan but still there is problem of kitchen hotness you can install another one or you can use table fan which will increase air circulation. 

4) Cover up windows with curtain :- 

             Sun light also the major reason behind the hot temperature of your kitchen, specially when your windows direct exposed to the sun light. 

        Blocking the sun light will help you to keep low kitchen temperature. Sun light maximum time heat kitchen furnitures, like kitchen floor which is most of the time black in color, walls, ceilings which untimely increase indoor temperature. 

5) minimum use of light :- 

             You can lowers kitchen hot temperature by blocking natural sun light but you also have to use electric bulbs wisely. Excess use of electricity also heat up your kitchen temperature. 

       Instead of using lot of electric bulbs try to use minimum but only LED bulbs. More effective way is install some ceilings spot light which is sufficient for cooking

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