Unique bathtub designs to blow out your bathroom decor.

 ❤ What Is A Best Bathtub For Boosting Your Bathing Experience Every Day And How To Install It :- 

            Bathroom beauty is only key behind the all high relaxing bathing experience. Installing of high quality comfortable and beautiful bathtubs doesn’t mean to spend lot of money on purchase of it. 

            Having a in-budget but high quality and also highly comfortable bathtubs it’s just like brain behind your beauty. You can find perfect and comfortable design which suitable for your bathroom decor theme. 

            Having a bathtubs only have two dimension while purchasing it and that are comfort and beauty. Comfort in use and beauty for eye-catching view of bathroom. 

              Weather you enjoyed your occasional deep soak or regularly having well size and best look bathtub is an essential fixture of your home.

           Definitely bathtub installation is a one time investment, but it’s big investment and you have to be careful about your investment. 

          Bathtub in bathroom also boost your property value. Bathtub with small area story area also unique design. Which will help to keep your mobile, book or bathing essential aside. 

         You have to be clear in your mind installation of bathtub is for increase bathing experience, and adding extra beauty look in the bathroom. 

         Before purchasing or conforming any bathtubs for your bathroom it best to go through buying guide for extra clarity and understanding of bathtubs features. 

Buying Guide : Best Bathtubs For Boost Your Bathing Experience Every Day :- 

            It’s important to have an idea about what to consider or what to look at when buying your first ever bathtub. It’s important to have perfect and comfortable bathtub as per personal requirements.

            So let’s go through buying guide for your bathroom for perfect asethetics. 

1) Bathroom Size And Also The Size Of Bathtub :- 
             It’s important to get best comfortable and attractive results for your bathroom decor. When you have an idea about your available space in bathroom then it’s easy to go for best available design of bathtub. 

          When it’s come to the comfort then the size of bathtub should be as minimum so one person can strech full of it to enjoy bath. The outer space around the tube it’s should have a space where you can walk easily. 

2) Designs Of Bathtubs :- 

           Having a attractive and unique design in your bathroom is just way to blow out your bathroom asethetics. Attractive design are the perfect way to relax and to enjoy everyday bath. 

          Unique designs of bathtub unknowingly increase your property value day by day. Having a unique shape of bathtub is also a good way to make it attractive. 

          There are number of design, shape, and colors available for you to buy, but it’s important to have a bathtub which suitable for your exciting bathroom decor. 

            If your Intrested in creating a more attractive and eye-catching bathroom decor. Design your whole bathroom with single theme of decor. Like floor, ceiling, walls and other furniture should have some relatable unique designs. 

3) Budget :- 

            It’s important to be clear about how much money your intrested to invest in your bathroom decor or for bathtub. Bathtub is a important furniture of one modern home decor and you should have it. 

        Your budget for bathtub also can different according to the size of your bathroom, or size of your bathtub in which your Intrested. 

         Shape and design of bathtub also the price deciding factor. High luxury design cost you high. So it is important to have a balance between your expectations and budget. 

4) Comfort :- 

           It’s last point in our buying guide but you have to consider it first while selecting your first ever bathtub. Bathtub with have maximum rest area, space to put pocket things like mobile, laptop and book etc. Also the space for towels, shampoo and other essentials. 

✨ How To Fix Bathtub Position And How To Install It :- 

             Position of bathtub mainly depends on the average area available in your bathroom. As maximum as area available you have maximum options to place your bathtub. 

            Some of most popular and eye-catching positions which will provide amazing look to the bathroom and also a comfortable bath are as follows. 

1) middle area of the bathroom and free space around bathtub.

2) Any one corner of the bathroom. 

3) Bathtub connected with one of the bathroom wall. 

4) Near the window to enjoy outdoor view while bathing. 

          This are some popular places where you can install your bathtub. This are perfect places which will impact positively on your bathroom decor. 

✨ How To Install Bathtub In Any Bathroom Area With Available Space Or How To Replace Existing Bathtub :- 

          Replacement or installation of bathtub is not a easy process at all to do it at home. But with some sefty precautions and installation equipment it’s possible to do at home. 

         Here is a list of some sefty and installation equipment that will needed while installing or replacing existing bathtub by the process of DIY. 

1) Hand Gloves. 
2) Sefty helmet. 
3) Sefty shoes. 
4) Pipes to build drainage or water system. 
5) Different size and different functional water null. 
6) Hammer. 
7) Different number of taparia. 
8) Cutting machine. 

           Definitely the check not included everything, but we try our best to listed important equipment. You can get more as per requirement. 

✨ Process Of Replacement For Existing Bathtub Or Installation Of New One :

           If you have little bit idea about what to do while replacing or installing a bathtub it will easy to do it at home. The process of replacement or installation of bathtub as follow. 

1) Cut Down The Exciting Water Supply Of the Bathtub. 
2) Disconnect the drain system and overflow cover. 

3) Separate your existing bathtub from connected wall. 

4) Remove the tube and send it for dispose so it will go environment friendly. 

5) take the new bathtub and place it on position, if you are interested in to change position then decide your space and place the new bathtub on position. 

6) New location will be look mood refreshing and positive. 

7) Install the Stringer. 

9) Attach the Overflow Drain Assembly. 

10) connect the drain and water supply system. 

        This are simple and easy steps which you can follow to install your first new bathtub. 

✨ Unique Bathtubs Design For Your Bathroom To Blow Out Bathroom Decor :- 

          Here is a list of some best trending bathtub design which will going to increase your property beauty as well as value. 

        It’s a dream of everyone to have a mood refreshing and eye-catching bathtub design. So follow till the end to get perfect design according to your space. 

1) MADONNA Elegant Acrylic 6 feet Rectangular Bath Tub for Adults :- 

           Madonna the high comfortable bathing tube for adult, with very comfortable length of 6 feet. Pillow for the headrest make it more and more comfortable for long bath. 

          Madonna a contemporary tube design suitable for any type of existing bathroom decor. Big size of bathtub makes it family bathtub at a time. 

         To improve your joyous experience of bathing it made up of premium lucite acrylic sheet to give smooth and silken feel to your skin. 

          A high quality glossy finish that light up your bathroom decor and made it strong and durable. It never loose it colors after heavy use of years. 

          To ensure safety of everyone family members, Madonna bathtub comes with anti-skid surface which prevent you from slipping. 

✨ Pros And Cons For MADONNA Elegant Acrylic 6 feet Rectangular Bath Tub :- 

🔸 Pros :- 

1) Big size and highly comfortable with headrest pillow. 
2) Available in number of color options. 
3) Anti-skid surface. 
4) Strong and durable. 

🔸 Cons :- 
1) High price.
2) not a perfect for small bathroom area. 

MADONNA Elegant Acrylic 6 feet Rectangular Bath Tub
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2) OASÏS Portable Bathtub For Adults and Children :- 

           If you have small size of bathroom it’s doesn’t mean that you should have to look for small bathtub. OASIS bathtub is perfect solution of bathtub for your small bathroom. 

           The foldable bathtub was perfect for small bathroom space. It will cost you much less than the permanent non foldable bathtub. 

          It able to provide you some extra features at remote location also, the best features of bathtub is as follow. 

1) Foot massage feature. 
2) Hot bath. 
3) Head as well as back rest area.

           The colors of bathtub also leave positive impact on mindset. It will going to match any your bathroom decor, doesn’t matter your bathroom is small or big. 

✨ Pros And Cons Of OASÏS Portable Bathtub For Adults and Children :- 

🔸 Pros :- 
1) highly comfortable. 
2) space saving you can store anywhere you want after bath. 
3) easy to carry out. 
4) protection from slipping. 

🔸 Cons :- 
1) It’s a plastic bathtub. 
2) non permanent location bathtub. 

OASÏS Portable Bathtub For Adults and Children
Image: Amazon.com
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3) Empava 59 in. Acrylic Alcove Whirlpool Bathtub :- 

           One of the best bathtub which will not just going to add beauty and comfort but it’s going to increase your apartment value for feature as well. 

          The empava acrylic whirlpool bathtub featuring acrylic reinforced with fiberglass and aso supported with a stainless-steel frame makes the bearing capacity is up to 660 LBS. 

           Front panel of bathtub is made up of extremely thick tempered glass which will going to defend your bathroom beauty. 

        There total 11 water jets, which will provide continuous and steady stream of water from all sides of bathtub. 0HP water pump provides an ample power for the jet system. 

           While fixing sefty empava features 60 minutes auto shut off protection technology to prevent the pump failures. The ergonomic control knobs are designed for simplicity and ease.

✨ Pros And Cons For Empava 59 in. Acrylic Alcove Whirlpool Bathtub :- 

🔸 Pros :- 
1) They are make it too comfortable use advanced technology. 
2) eye-catching design with tempered glass from front side. 
3) Number of water jets. 

🔸 Cons :- 
1) Large size not perfect for small bathroom. 
2) High price. 

Empava 59 in. Acrylic Alcove Whirlpool Bathtub
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4) Empava 59 in Free Bathtubs Acrylic Streamline Stand Alone Soaking Tubs with Overflow and Drain in White, 59 Inch :- 

              Forth of our best bathtub list, deep and big size make more joyous bathing experience. Perfect design for big as well as small size of bathroom bathtub. 

            Some basic impressive features of bathtub are easy to clean, easy maintenance, stain-resistant, scratch resistant surface that maintains its high gloss etc. 

         Stainless steel bottom of bathtub makes capable to bear weight upto 1000 LBS, Double Walled reinforce design bringing maximum insulation and also keeping water at its pleasure temperature longer and suitable for 1 Or 2 persons bathing.

✨ Pros And Cons For Empava 59 in Free Bathtub :- 

🔸 Pros :- 

1) Definitely highly comfortable for two person bathing also. 
2) Amazing look and shape. 
3) deep and big. 

🔸 Cons:- 

1) High in price. 

Empava 59 in Free Bathtub
Image: Amazon.com
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