Top 5 design ideas for kitchen wall tiles

❤  How to Decor Kitchen Wall & Best Way To Do Wall Decor ; 

                   Kitchen is the heart of every home and most loved place, So that’s why it should be design very well. Most of the people follow ordinary design for there kitchen design and absolutely they boring to everyone, kitchen should be attractive and eye-catching. Kitchen it’s not just a place for cook but it’s place where you can she really you love to your loved ones through your cooking and for that your environment should be feel with mindfulness that will help to good cooking. So here we are with small kitchen designing tutorial. 
Design Ideas For Kitchen Wall Tiles
Kitchen wall design

                When we design kitchen walls it’s not enough to just install wallpaper, painting and status like bedroom walls, we already learn about bedroom wall designing.  But for kitchen walls we have to install hanger, storing shelve, Chimneys with attractive design. 
                   Most of the time kitchen walls exposed to the temperature of cooking gas, humidity, and other gasses release during cooking of different types of foods. The gasses release during cooking are carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and other harmful pollutants into the air, which can be toxic to people and pets, you can save yourself from this pollutants by using air purifying plant in your home and kitchen. 
            So let’s take deep dive in kitchen designing ideas. 

1) Adding a wallpapers on kitchen walls; 

                 Most loved by everyone and in-budget way of wall designing, there are lots of options in wallpaper category for your kitchen walls but wallpaper itself doesn’t have good user experience at all. Walls of kitchen continuously exposed to heat, humidity because of that most of the wallpaper can’t sustain for long time
Kitchen walls wallpaper design
Wallpaper design for your kitchen

                 Wallpapers not a amazing choice every time but there are some water proof, moisture resistance and heat resistance wallpaper which you can definitely use for your kitchen walls design. There are lots of options of wallpapers like contemporary wallpaper, Bird Theme wallpaper, geometric wallpaper etc. They are most easy to install and you can change them at any time. 

▪️ Pro’s and cons of applying wallpaper for kitchen walls; 


1) Very cost friendly. 
2) Easy to install. 
3) Multiple options are available. 
4) Easy to change any time. 
5) Good looking. 

▪️ Cons; 

1) Something it doesn’t have good quality of adhesive. 
2) you have to change it after period of time. 
3) Process of installation is more time consuming than painting. 

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2) Adding wooden design on kitchen walls ; 

                       Wood is the safest long durable and commonly used by everyone not just for kitchen designing but for inter interior designing. You can use wooden strips on walls, ceilings designing.  Wooden walls design are contemporary, eco-friendly and warm which was perfect for kitchen. There are lots of options available for kitchen design like Gypsum but only wood is nature friendly
Adding wooden design on kitchen walls
Wooden design for kitchen. 

                    As you see in the picture there is not just designing for walls but you create great storing space with shelves, shelves are the best option for storage in kitchen. With polish wood and natural sun light or artificial decorative light it will give amazing look to kitchen. Wood can sustain for long time in kitchen temperature, humidity, moisture and gasses which relase during cooking like formaldehyde, benzene etc

▪️ Pro’s and cons of wooden wall designing for kitchen ;

▪️Pro’s ;
1) Long durable and easy to install. 
2) Good looking. 
3) Provide option of storage with beauty.  

▪️ Cons; 
1) You have to paint them after some period of time unlike wallpaper design. 
2) Don’t have fire resistance quality.
3) High budget and also need high maintenance. 

3) Adding a gypsum for kitchen designing ; 

                As we see about wallpaper and wood as kitchen wall designing materials but gypsum is most unique, long durable and can handle kitchen situation like heat, humidity and moisture very well than wallpaper and wood. Gypsum is only material that can provide thermal insulation and heat resistance to kitchen. With perfect installation of gypsum can give you sound insulation, helps in electricity save and gypsum boards are flexible and sturdy. 
Gypsum design for kitchen walls
Gypsum kitchen wall design 

                Gypsum is only material which has all qualities that we need for kitchen design like Heat resistance, thermal insulation, sound insulation and also helps in electricity saves. Use of gypsum with decorative light give amazing amd unique touch of beauty to kitchen. 

▪️ Pro’s and cons of having gypsum in kitchen designing ;

1) Very attractive. 
2) Fire resistance. 
3) Thermal insulation. 
4) Energy saving material. 

▪️ Cons; 
1) High in cost and maintenance. 
2) Very hard to install. 
3) Once you install then you can’t change it. 

4) Adding A Shelve On Walls Of Kitchen ;

                 Shelve will provide option of storage with beauty, they are helpful to stor furniture that in day to day use for cooking, you can add such type of shelve just front of cooking table so it’s easy to take and keep it again it’s place. Shelve mainly used as space saving material and it help to be organized in kitchen so it’s altimatlly helps to save space in kitchen. 
Shelve a space saving material for kitchen
Kitchen shelve
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                   Shelve not just for storage but it’s add beauty in kitchen, simple and modern design wall floating shelves suit great at any place .The strong structure and classic color make your wall looks great. While selecting shelve just keep in mind that the material of shelve should be moisture resistance, heat and humidity resistance and also long durable. Having a shelve is best way to design and stor your kitchen gadgets. 

▪️ Pro’s and cons of having shelve in kitchen;

▪️ Pro’s; 
1 )  Provide storage saving options with beauty. 
2) Easy to install and replace. 
3) Cost frendly. 
4) Long durable. 

1) Not a fire resistance. 
2) Having to install separately unlike total wooden design. 

5) Adding a painting on walls of kitchen; 

                  Ideally people do not place the paintings in kitchen, but if someone love to painting then he should be try. Painting related to cooking, painting of yourself with cooking aslo great idea for your kitchen. Paintings are always a eye-catching and create a center of attraction in kitchen. Paintings of food, best cook of your country they also inspired you to try new things in cooking.
Food painting for kitchen walls design
Food image for kitchen wall
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                 Food image or painting, traditional food cooking paintings, modern food cooking paintings are inspired you to cook so it great choice to kitchen wall just for design and inspiration. Painting of kitchen quotes also the best option for your kitchen. This is the most cost friendly way to design

 ▪️ Pro’s and Cons for painting as kitchen design;

1) Cost friendly. 
2) More attractive than wallpaper and paint design. 
3) Easy to install and replace. 
4) Durable. 

1) Doesn’t give storage option like shelve. 
2) Can’t cover holl kitchen designing like wooden design and wallpaper design. 

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