Modern sofa cum bed in-budget price designs with storage space as space saving furniture in 2022.

 Modern Best Sofa Cum Bed Space Saving Furniture in 2022 :- 

         Availability of space sometimes big problem in small size of bedroom and living room. To full-fill the comfort we try to find out best furniture which suitable for such small space and sofa cum bed is one of the best space saving furniture today. 

         Sofa cum bed is easily convertable furniture from bed to sofa or sofa to bed whenever it’s required. Which reduce the cost for bed and helps to save available space. 

         There is no matter how much space we have, we can convert that space into comfortable and into eye-catching look with help of such space saving and highly comfortable furniture.

         Georgoulas, et al., (2012) mentioned that minimum area of bedroom get reduce to 6-9 m2. Apartments get divided into small units,  which releases the need of space saving furniture. 
          As day by day population going to increase size of apartment mainly going to decrease at some cost, while facing such problem we not want to compromise comfort, here space saving furniture plays big role of comfort in small apartment also. 

        Multi functional furniture reduce clutter by reducing the number of pieces of furniture in a room, some of them also provide storage space which allows you to store clutter at bay and keep your space tidy. 

✨ Three Reason Behind Use Of Sofa Cum Bed As Space Saving Furniture :- 

1) Sofa cum bed always make efficient use of available space. 
2) Attractive design with multiple function capacity. 
3) Reduces the cost of your separate bed.

✨ Things To Be Considered Before Buying Sofa Cum Bed : Buying Guide Home Decor Vikram :-

1) Size Of Sofa Before And After Conversation Into Bed :- 

            As sofa Cum Bed is a convertable furniture, it’s expand in size and reduced it as you convert it, you have to keep in mind that the space of available room to select perfect size of sofa cum bed. 

         Also you can select your sofa according to the number of family members you have, if you have 4 family members try to purchase sofa with capacity of 6-7 people. So it’s also welcoming for guest. 

       We know that the price of any furniture changes according to its size, so also you have to find perfect combination of price, size and also comfortable sofa-bed design

2) Style That You Want To Install :- 

            It’s good to be ready about what type of design sutiable for your space which perfect for your personality. Available space also impact your style of design that also you have to keep in mind. 

        In style, shape of sofa cum bed also important, shape like L shape, U shape and also I shape of design’s. You have to select according to theme of home decor. 

        Style section of our sofa cum bed also incomplete without colors of material. There are numerous options available in market out of that you can find perfect colors according to colors of room decor. 

3) Quality Of Material :- 

           Getting in-budget furniture it’s definitely doesn’t mean compromising the quality of material. And also in-budget material not always low quality, so finding perfect one is big task for everyone. 

         Away from checking the quality material on the seating of your sofa cum bed, you have to also check for the fittings and fixtures inside. 

          The quality of material for bed and also for sofa not always same, the function of them is different. In sofa cum bed it’s play different function with same material, so no one wants to compromise comfortable on a bed as well as on a sofa. 

4) Different Features Of Furniture :- 

               We here to buy sofa cum bed which itself a space saving furniture, with space saving feature this sofa should have some extra features like Storage space in both state like Bed and in Sofa. 

            There are some design which offers some extra features like shelves for book, nightstands, small table etc. Try to select according to your requirement, if you strongly need extra storage option select bed according to that instead of without storage space sofa. 

       No one has extra money to spend again and again on same furniture, so durability of furniture also important. Purchasing sofa cum bed with maximum life span reduces extra cost of replacement. 

✨ Best Sofa Cum Bed Design In 2022 – Buying Guide Home Decor Vikram :-

             Understanding the problem of time management, everyone doesn’t have enough time to spend on finding a best sofa cum bed design as per there requirements. 

         So we listed some of the best sofa cum bed design which sutiable for different size of room, different colors theme of room design. Stay connected with us till the end of this article to find perfect design for your home. 

1) Vonanda Sofa Cum Bed Convertible Design :- 

Vonanda Sofa Cum Bed Convertible Design :-
Vonanda Sofa Cum Bed. 
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           Low size highly convertable and adjustable as per need of use. Perfect design of sofa cum Bed for small size of bedroom or living room. The bed is able to get in four different positions as per requirement like ottoman, sofa or chair, bed and forth one is lounger. 

          Available in 4-5 different colors options so you can get what you want as per theme of home decor. The folding ottoman made up of high quality material. 

            The features that made it’s so special like soft pillow in position of bed, high quality limitation of cotton, high density seating foam with zig zag spring, metal leg that adjustable for any position. This are some features that made this sofa cum bed so special so it’s rank top of the our list. 

🔸 Pro’s And Cons Of Vonanda Sofa Cum Bed Design :- 

▪️ Pro’s :- 
1) Highly adjustable in different position. 
2) High quality of cotton. 
3) Zig-Zag springs. 
4) Adjustable metal leg at any position. 

▪️ Cons :- 
1) Small in size, best for two people to seat at a time and single person to sleep. 
2) High in cost

2) HonTop 8 Inch Folding Sofa Bed Design :- 

HonTop 8 Inch Folding Sofa Bed Design :-
HonTop Sofa cum bed Design. 
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           Small and attractive with its single color design, will match any type of bedroom decor theme. Easily convertable into bed and it’s sofa as per requirement. 

           When after conversation into bed, it’s follow the characteristics of low platform Japanese culture bed design. We already talk about Japanese platform bed design you can learn here

       The mattress is highly comfortable, because it’s made up of using 50D Memory Foam material. Easily unfolds flat into a queen-size sleep surface, which is ideal space for two member sleep. 

        The soft cover of our sofa cum bed design is removable and machine-washable, so it’s increase life span of mattress. 

      It was ideal item for a person who loved Japanese style low platform bed

🔸 Pros And Cons HonTop Sofa Cum Bed Design :- 

▪️ Pro’s :- 

1) Easily convertable and easy to unfold. 
2) Low platform bed, contains characteristics low platform Japanese bed. 
3) High quality mattress. 
4) Queen Size perfect for small family. 

▪️ Cons :- 

1) High price for queen Size bed. 

3) FLOGUOR 42-Position Adjustable Floor Chair :- 

FLOGUOR 42-Position Adjustable Floor Chair :-
Floguor Sofa cum chair or bed. 
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         First thing is that it was a floor convertable chair not a sofa cum bed, you can say sofa cum chair. We listed here because of it’s small size and perfect for in-budget purchasers. 

        Ideal item for a person who is living as a bachlor or a person who working from home. It’s highly comfortable and able to get in 42 comfortable postion as per requirement. 

       This is spacial because of it’s 42 different postion, perfect model for very small room like one room kitchen apartment. The low platform reflect Japanese low platform bed character. 

        The chaise couch use Japanese KoYo mechanism and made of sponge & soft surface fabric for extra comfort of users. Easy to move from one place to another because of it’s light weight and small size

🔸 Pros And Cons Of FLOGUOR 42-Position Adjustable Floor Chair :- 

▪️ Pros :- 
1) Highly comfortable with it’s 42 different position. 
2) Small size, sofa cum chair perfect for single living person. 
3) Highly comfortable mattress

▪️ Cons :- 
1) Small size ideal for single living person. 
2) Lots of different position


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