How To Grow Vegetables At Home In Balcony

 ❤  Top Best Vegetables That Easy To Grow Also In A Pot At Home In Balcony :- 

            Day to day hygiene is an most sensetive topic right now around us for physical and mental fitness. To keep ourself fit and fine not only mental and physical exercise are important but the food hygiene is also have same importance. 

            In multi stories luxurious market sometimes we never found hygienic, chemical free organic vegetables which is most essential part of our daily diet. 

           There should be a minimum five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables in your every day diet, like potatoes, bread, rice or pasta.

Top Best Vegetables That Easy To Grow Also In A Pot At Home In Balcony

           Definitely we can not grow all vegetables and fruits at home but with proper use of space we can grow at list minimum fruits and vegetables which is required for daily diet. 

          Small balcony farm not only important for having organic vegetables at home, but also does multi beneficiary work. 

           It can be your balcony garden, it will produced fresh air, also create attractive look to the home and definitely you will get ultimat sorce of vegetables at home. 

✨ What Does ” Organic ” Mean ? 

               In a simple word or in a single line we can describe organic as anything without impact of chemical and preservative chemicals. 

           Most of the time the term organic refers to the way by which agriculture products grow and processed. 

          The term may change according to the country and it’s low, but the basic concepts is the growing agriculture food without use of any chemical, synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers, or bioengineered genes (GMOs).

✨ Why Should I Grow Vegetables At Home :-

            There is not a single reason why we should grow vegetables at home for your daily diet. For a proper mental and physical health not only proper diet important but non-chemical, organic vegetables also an important. 

           Here is some list of reasons why you should grow vegetables at home

1) Organic vegetables are not only chemical free but they also rich in nutrients such as Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. 

2) Chemical rich food lowers helath immunity, and this will one of the major reason behind heart attack in young age person. 

3) Most of the chemical or we can say market food contains preservatives that makes last longer and on other hand your home farm produced fresh food at door. 

4) Most of the organic food are GMO free. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms or generically engineered. 

           GMO plants are those who’s DNA altered in way to produce new varity of plant or fruit. Such GMO food may be harmful at some instant

5) Balcony organic vegetables are simple and best way to get organic fresh vegetables whenever you like to eat it. 

✨ How Can I Grow Vegetables At Home In My Balcony :- 

         There are just some simple things that you will need to grow vegetables at home, like fertilize soil, vegetables seeds, organic fertilizer etc. 

       Let’s see the one by one it’s important In detail and how can you grow vegetables at home with help of such accessories. 

1) Good Soil :- 

               We can not differentiate soil as good or bad but for better helath, and plant growth the soil which has combination of plant growing nutrients are important. 

           The soil rich in primary nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium such soil had good capacity to grow vegetables. 

             For vegetables to grow at home we did not need lot of soil like one farm or backyard gardening. So you can get primary nutrients rich soil at market in-budget price. 

2) Pot Or Seed Bag’s :- 

              As per you have a area in your balcony or in your apparent you can purchase seed plant bags to grow your vegetables. 

           The vegetable bags are available in different sizes like 12*12 inches, 12*9 inches, 9*9 inches etc. You can get here some best quality of plant bag

3) Water Source :- 

            You should have enough water supply from your vegetable garden. You have to conform that water should be rich upto the root of vegetable plant. 

           Watering can also a best way to spread water the plant, but this way not so much effective to supply water upto root level. 

            The another way to provide water till root level of plant are thimble irrigation. Thimble irrigation are more effective and impactful to release water at root and also it saves lot of water. 

▪️ Elitech Drip Irrigation Kit With Water Timer :- 

           Here is some mind blowing features of this drip irrigation kit that you should know before buying it. 

1) Electronic water timer with two alkaline batteries which will save water. 
2) Feeder Line Pipe (15 mt) which able to provide water to 35 plant. 
3) Mainline Elbow Connectors (5 pc)
4) Mainline T Connectors (5 pc)
5) Water Tap Adapter (1 pc)
6) 4mm Connector (32 pc)
7) 4mm T Connector (10 pc)
8) Holding Sticks (32 pc)
9) Location Sticks (10 pc)

          Not only this 8 or 9 there are more than 15 different important equipment have in this kit which really important to create thimble irrigation system for vegetable garden. 

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4) Good And Enough Amount Of Sun light And Fresh Air Availability :- 

             At the moment that you decided to grow your vegetables in balcony there is solution of this point. Balcony is only space in home which directly exposed to sun light and fresh air. 

✨ Best Vegetables To Grow At Home :- 

            We can grow everything at our balcony garden with help of above mentioned strategy. The thing is that no one wants here excess amounts of plant in balcony which will eventually disturbed your balcony decor. 

          The best way to maintain decor theme as well as get important vegetables at home is that to grow vegetables of daily use and the vegetables plant which will provide it’s fruits multiple times like chili, tomato etc. 

          Here we listed some best vegetables plants to grow in your balcony garden. 

1) Chili :- 

            The most essential ingredient of Indian cuisine, to a grow chili at home was extremely easy. You can the seeds for it or you can directly purchase a chili crops from nursery. 

           It will be the ultimate source of read chili directly to the your kitchen. Here is simple process to grow chili at home. 

Best way to grow chili at home

1) Purchase chili crops from nursery or seeds from market.
2) Prepare a soil using some important ingredients like cocopeat, compost and perlite. 

3) Put the important plant growing ingredients with soil in a pot and soak it in ample water overnight.

4) Next day is the day of action, press all the seeds or chili crops from nursery into that pot which we prepare yesterday, for better nutrition cover it with mulch/hay.

5) If you go with seed germination provide equal amount of water for next 4-5 days, as soon as true leave appears transplant the sapling into a big pot. 

6) After a proper transplantation add handful organic compost once in a week till it flowers. 

2) Tomato :- 

             Tomato is an important ingredient in your daily life dietary. The tomato plants also a like chili plants which requires low space to grow. Here is short note on how can you grow tomato at home. 

How to grow tomato at home in apartment Balcony

1) Definitely first thing that you arrange that is tomato crops from nursary or tomato seeds from local market. 

2) Prepare pot for tomato crops with minimum height of 20 inches. 

3) Prepare the potting mix using soil, sand, compost, organic fertilizer like cow dung etc. 

4) Provide good amount of water to the mix ingredients and leave it for one night. 

5) take your crops that you get from local nursary and start planting them in each pot that you prepare. 

6) Add handful organic compost to tomato plants follow it till the flowers spores out. 

3) Brinjal :- 

            As we short listing best vegetables to grow at home in our apartment balcony, as brinjal requires low space, height of plant is also medium so it’s also one of ideal vegetable to grow at home. 

          Here is a not on how to grow brinjal at home. 

How to grow brinjal at home in apartment balcony

1) The first step was same as we listed for chili and tomato to prepare a crops from nursary or get brinjal seeds from market. 

2) Prepare well drained soil, having mixture of important plants growing ingredient like compost, organic fertilizer eg Cow Dung, etc. 

3) Prepare a pot having a minimum height of 20 inches so the root will get desire depth to grow. 

4) Start potting your crops each one in a separate pot that you prepare, add compost to the brinjal crops after potting. 

5) Start taking care of your brinjal crops with everyday water supply, compost once in a week, and also organic fertilizer once in a week. 

4) Coriander :- 

            After a chili and salt coriander is a most common ingredients of Indian cuisine. It also a ideal to grow at home in a balcony just because it will grow in low space, have very short height etc. 

           Here is short note on how can we grow coriander at home by organic way. 

How to grow coriander at home in apartment balcony

1) Arranged plenty of coriander seeds from your local market, take care that seeds should be organic and free from GMO. 

2) Prepare a pot which may have low height but should have maximum length. 

3) Get a well drained soil which is suitable to grow coriander and mix it with organic compost like cow dung, neem cake, organic wastage like leaves. 

4) Take the coriander seeds that you get from local market and press them slightly to break them into two. Soak the broken seeds in water overnight.

5) Spread the all seeds in a line on the pot that you prepare, cover them with slightly with soil and dry leaves. Sprinkle little of water. 

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