How To Grow Home Plant Hydroponically

 ❤ How to Grow Plants At Home Hydroponically – Soil Less Plant Growing Techniques :-

           ▪️ What Is Hydroponic ? 

               Now we are leaving in a world where everyone wants to grow plants at home, however it is flowering, vegetables or air purifying plants. But due to lack of space dream many people never comes in truth. 

             Modern or New age hydroponic gardening technique is an ans of all traditional problem. Hydroponic stand for a growing crops or plants at home without use traditional soil medium. 

How to grow home plant hydroponically
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             We already familiar with traditional way of home gardening and also we talk about how to grow vegetables at home in small space also. 

            Here we try our best to introduce new age hydroponic technology in details so that everyone can grow there home garden hydroponically, that is without use of soil. 

✨ Major Benifits Of Growing Home Garden hydroponically :- 

           Here we gona to see how we can grow house plants using hydroponic technique definitely it’s a small scale project.

         But the hydroponic is an going to be revolution after green revolution in agriculture. It’s not only useful to grow plants in small area like in house. 

        Whenever we gonna applied such technique in high scale in agriculture it will lower the maximum soil pollution, this may be the highest benifit of hydroponic. 

       Here we listed some benifits of growing house plants using hydroponic technique. 

▪️ Hydroponic gardening is an fastest growing style of gardening around the world because of its sustainable approach. 

▪️ By providing consistent and required amount of nutrients in hydroponic tech you will grow the plants 50% faster than the traditional soil medium. 

▪️ Beneficial for both the environment as it’s reduces the use of traditional pesticides and herbicides, And human kind as we get fresh organic agriculture products. 

▪️ Whatever water we used in hydroponic technique the water stays in system and it can be reused as per requirements, It lowers the demand of fresh water at high levels. 

▪️ When there is unfertilized land we can’t do much with that, but in hydroponic here is no limits as we have in traditional agriculture. 

▪️ Lowers the cost of pesticides, water, herbicides etc. 

              This are some major benifits or actually some reason why hydroponic gardening getting popular day by day worldwide right now. 

✨ How To Prepare Hydroponic Nutrients Solution At Home :- 

            Here you definitely have a option that you can prepare your own solution according to requirements of plants or you can also brought from market reday to use solution it’s your choice now. 

          Each plants has here personal requirements of chemical or each plants contains different chemicals in it. But the basic recipe of hydroponic chemical as given below you just have to made slightly changes according to the plants requirement. 

            There are three different categories of solution made for better understanding that are, Primary Nutrients (nitrogen, potassium, magnesium), Secondary Nutrients (calcium, sulphur, phosphorus) and last one is Micronutrients ( iron, copper, manganese, zinc, molybdenum, boron).

            The basic recipe of hydroponic solution for 10 litter of water is ….. 

1) 13 ml of CaNO3 (calcium nitrate)
2) 8 ml of K2SO4 (potassium sulfate)
3) 4 ml of KNO3 (potassium nitrate)
4) 3.25 ml of KH2PO4 (monopotassium phosphate)
5) 9 ml of MgSO4 (magnesium sulfate)
6) You can also add 1 ml of trace elements. 

        Store your solution way from light and be awear about shaking the solution before use. 

✨ Best Hydroponic System For Your Home garden :- 

             You can get the hydroponic system as per your requirements like the area you have, what type of plants you wish to grow etc. The plants size, root growth everything should be match with your hydroponic system. 

1) City Greens Hydroponics Kit for Home – DWC Hydroponic System :- 

             Five compartments hydroponic plant growing kit for your home garden. Small size of kit adjustable in any place of your home in balcony as well. 

           The main features of kit we consider one of them is the access to the root at age time of plant life cycle. How it benifits you let’s see the below. 

  1) After each growing cycle, there are plant debris which you should have to clean to start fresh new growing cycle. 

         To grow plant hydroponically you should have access to the equipment which listed here, Air pump, Net pots, Cocopeat, Clay balls, Seeds & hydroponic nutrients. All this equipment included in kit itself. 

         Perfect kit for in-budget small area hydroponic gardening. The cost of the kit in very minimal which affordable to everyone. 

Best hydroponic kit to grow home garden plant
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