How To Do Modern Kitchen Island Lighting In 2022

❤ Different Aspects Of Kitchen Lighting : Types Of Decor Lighting : Golden Rule Of Kitchen Lighting     

             Lighting up kitchen was internal part of your modern island kitchen decor. Most of the modern island kitchen was known for here look, design, comfort and attractiveness. 

           Use of lighting as a decor
most easy and effective way to do home decor at minimal cost. Lighting can adjust or change according to existing kitchen decor theme. 

          The perfect lighting always going to set the mood and stones for all aspects. It will creating welcoming atmosphere and it will increase your joy of cooking. 

            While thinking about lighting up kitchen island, we can not forgot to the remaining area of kitchen. Which always have maximum distance from floor, that’s why they required different arrangement to lighting. 

            Deciding a lighting design isn’t easy, but your existing kitchen design theme will make it easy for you. Existing kitchen decor theme will bound you up to certain types of lighting design, so it’s easy to pick one. 

             So the someone who wanted to design whole kitchen, everything from floor to ceiling has maximum scope for different design, instead of someone who just replacing existing lighting with new one. 

            Light also have some biological and physical impact on human health wellbeing, it also one major reason behind your joying mindset as well as behind depressing mindset. It will contribute positively in your delicious food cooking. 

✨ Different Aspects Of Modern Kitchen Lighting You Should Have To Consider :- 

           Lighting isn’t easy like buying a new bulbs, decor accessories and putting them randomly anywhere in kitchen. Selection of bulbs, ceiling light and also floor lamps according to the area and position are important. 
            Let’s see which aspects of modern kitchen lighting are important to consider for modern kitchen island lighting. 

1) Size Of The Kitchen :- 

               As much large size kitchen you have, there should be number of bulbs and ceiling lights. Light up every corner of the kitchen is important. 

               To get more clarity about how to light up different positions of kitchen you can seperate them as like, ceiling lighting area, cabinet lighting, floor lighting, and also kitchen island hanging ceiling lamp. 

2) Availability Of Sun Light :- 

           It’s important that your kitchen should welcoming to sun light. As maximum availability of sun light ultimately reduced your energy coast. 

            Kitchen decor idea like this which is welcoming to natural sun light always preferred home designer’s over the closed kitchen area. 

✨ Gernal Lighting Types Which Will Illuminate Your Modern Kitchen :- 

           Having a idea about different types of light which used by most of home designer’s will makes your job easy to do kitchen lighting. 

           There are major three types of lighting mostly in used not only for kitchen but also for whole home decor, they are gernal or ambient lighting, task lighting and ancient lighting. 

            Good looking kitchen will have any one type of lighting from above, but one all time best, outstanding lighting decor have all of three in there decor. 

          Combination of all three will illuminate your kitchen area as per need of light or also according to the function of that area. 

         Before installing all of them or any one of them it’s important to understand function of each type of lighting. 

1) Ambient Lighting :- 

               Ambient, also known by the name of gernal lighting. Only the ambient lighting can offer uniform and maximum brightness in the kitchen. 

             Ambient light bounces” off the walls to illuminate as much space as possible of kitchen. For your bedroom or living room natural light act as ambient light. 

🔸 Top 5 Methods By Which You Can Illuminate Your Kitchen With Help Of ambient lighting :– 


2) Task Lighting :- 

           Task lighting act as an supplement of exess light for specific work task or work area which already have acess ambient light. 

           Task lighting focus on particular area of kitchen for extra clear vision of small small object in kitchen. 

           Kitchen island lighting also internal part of task lighting which is focus on only island work area. 

            Different postion for task lighting are over the cooking stove, around kitchen cabinet, over the dinning area. Standard fixtures used for task lighting include. 

1) Pendant lighting. 
2) Under-cabinet lighting
3) Portable or desk lamp
4) Recessed fixture. 

3) Ancient Lighting :- 

          Ancient lighting specially used for illuminate specific point of attraction, such as painting, artwork and also architectural features etc. 

           The main purpose behind Installation of ancient light was decor of kitchen, they are responsible for beauty of kitchen. 

        Accent lighting can also work as task lighting, depending on where it’s placed in kitchen. Types of accent lighting include as below. 

1) Under-cabinet lighting. 
2) Over the painting or artwork. 
3) Track lights. 

✨ How To Do Kitchen Lighting :- Golden Rule Of Kitchen Lighting :- 

          We already understand from above discussion that the lighting was important factor in kitchen to maintain relaxing and mood refreshing atmosphere. 

         During isolation period we clearly understand the need of indoor relaxing atmosphere. To get the ultimate decor of your kitchen follow the golden rule of lighting as listed below. 

1) Always place lighting 12 inches in front of tall elevations :- 

             This is simple way to insure that every corner should have adequate amount of lighting. 
            Such specific type work of placing light in kitchen light up your kitchen and provides highlighted look for kitchen. 

            Such type of lighting system will help you to avoid maximum shadow of tall elevations like fridge, cabinet etc. 

2) Under Cabinet Lighting :- 

           It’s important to install lighting inside the cabinet which will light up work specific or task specific area. 

        LED lighting are in trending use for inside decor of the cabinet. Under cabinet light also positively impact on whole kitchen decor theme. 

          The ultimate reason behind the installation of under cabinet lighting are first light up task specific area, second beauty of kitchen and last it will increase overall value of your property. 

3) Always install lighting in the centre of the island :- 

          Most important part of your kitchen lighting that was island lighting. Island light hang with help of ceiling over the kitchen island. 

        The perfect design or combination are the installation of three hanging light lamp in a line over the kitchen island. Out of three central light should have it’s position very center of the island. 
         In case of large kitchen island the rule of three dos not work well, in such a case you can follow odd number rule of lighting. 

         In a odd number rule you can install lighting lamp in odd number only like 5,7,9…. So that middle one always make it’s position at center. 

4) Multiply the light sources :- 

          Multiple sources of lighting bright up every corner of the kitchen. To follow forth golden rule you can install single type lighting in multiple places or you can install multiple types of lighting at multiple places. 

           There are mainly four types of lighting we can used in our kitchen lighting decor they are, ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. 

5) Install Function Specific Lighting :- 

             For more clear vision you can install function specific lighting just like task lighting. With help of such arrangement you direct light focus on specific work station. 

            In case of ancient function specific lighting you can direct the light focus on painting, artwork, and architectural features of your kitchen. 


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