How to do Balcony gardening in 2022

 How To Do Apartment Balcony Gardening – Important Accessories Required For Balcony Gardening :- 

                 After outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019 many people understand the importance of home gardening or balcony gardening. Balcony gardening not a hobby anymore after COVID-19 situation it’s need of people to keep fresh and relaxing atmosphere in home. 

          Gardening defines the way you live your life, how you connected with nature and natural thing in your life. Home gardening is one of great way to express ourself. 

          Home garden impact on your day to day life, like you will get more focus while meditating, while doing workout, best place for kids to play in nature environment which is helpful for healthy life of child. 

Balcony gardening in 2022
Balcony gardening. 

           It will be one of the great way to add extra beauty in home decor. Natural home garden will more attractive and refreshing than any other artificial decor stuff. 

        There are some spacial kind of plants, flowers, and grass which recommend for home gardening, like some indoor air purifying plants recommend by NASA

          Balcony gardening is way different than backyard home gardening. We have limited area to grow stuff unlike backyard. Finding the ways to use maximum area of balcony is important. 

        Gardening have different multiple ways to do with multiple purposes, like gardening for vegetables, gardening for colors ( Flowers ), Gardening for clean air ( air purifying plants) and also gardening with artificial stuff. 

✨ Decor Guide – Things To Be Consider Before Doing Gardening Or Gardening Stuff Checklist :- 

1) Important Accessories For Gardening :- 

             Get all important accessories that will required while doing gardening. It’s good to have a checklist of things, so it will available whenever you want. Here is basic checklist of balcony gardening stuff. 

▪️ Planters. 
▪️ Potting Media. 
▪️ Fertilisers. 
▪️ Seeds. 
▪️ Watering Can/Pump.
▪️ Trowels. 
▪️ Gloves. 
▪️ Pruners. 
▪️ Bio-Pesticide
              This is a basic checklist for your balcony gardening, you can follow it or also you can add more stuff if you required. 

2) Total Area Of Balcony Which Os useful For Gardening :- 

               You have to know how much area you have to used in balcony gardening. Everyone doesn’t like to used full space of balcony just for gardening. So calculate the area that you want to use for gardening. 

              Try to fix the way you want to grow your garden. Build different very small compartment with help of carpenter so you can control water level, Bio-Pesticides, and fertilizer level for every different plants as per requirement. 

            Fix the flooring material for your balcony gardening. You can grow it at home by yourself or you can simply purchase it from market. Also there artificial or living grass sheet available for floor. 

3) Decide Your Budget Investment For Balcony Gardening :- 

             It will make your work easy while purchasing stuff. It always good to be prepared about money, have good enough money for balcony gardening will open lot of option for you. 

         Decide your budget, go with medium range budget not to less or also not to high. 

🔸 What Are Benifits Of Having Balcony Garden In Apartment :- 

▪️ It will create eye-catching view of apartment from outside and also from inside. 

▪️ Plant in garden act as air purifying natural filter. 

▪️ If you grow vegetables it will healthy source of organic vegetables. 

▪️ It will tresh free and mode refreshing place for family. 

▪️ If there is a big size of balcony it will provide outdoor cooking on holidays. 

▪️ Best place to arrange friends and family parties. 

▪️ Source of extra activities to enjoy ourself. 

🔸 Doing Gardening In Apartment Balcony :- 

           Do you think at any point while doing balcony gardening. Why balcony is so important or most preferred place for home gardening? 

        There are multiple reasons behind balcony gardening, but most important reason behind it is excess of sun light, natural air, open space, easy to grow in balcony. 

        You can easily protect your garden from pet animal and from child or also it easy to protect pet and child from fertilizer and pesticides which we use in gardening. 

         The major supplement any plant required, all easily full-fill only in balcony that why the balcony is so important place for home gardening. 

         After getting lots of knowledge about multiple factors of balcony gardening or indoor gardening now it’s time to start our balcony gardening……

1) Floor Grass Sheet Or Mat For Balcony :- 

             It’s important to be clear about what you want from balcony gardening floor, the floor will be a artificial or will be a natural grass floor that you have to maintain with regular cutting. 

          Eliminating all unwanted matt to get best grass matt which will sutiable and comfortable for balcony gardening floor. 

        You can select any one living or artificial grass matt for balcony. Living grass matt required some pre installation prepartion, like floor soil on which you can install matt, water for soil, fertilizer etc. 

        Artificial grass mat generally easy to install as well as easy to maintain and clean up. synthetic grass mat are long durable. Once you install synthetic grass mat you don’t need to worry again, but in organic living mat need cutting, water, fertilizer time to time.

Grass mat for balcony gardening
Balcony gardening grass mat. 
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2) Flowering And Non-flowering Plants For Balcony Gardening :- 

           Everyone have different choices for there balcony gardening one may be want flowering plants or other don’t. So it’s important to talk about both flowering as well as non-flowering plants. 

▪️ Non-flowering Plants :- 

           We already talked about how balcony gardening is important for cleaning indoor air and also how it will provide fresh air. 

       If your one who love non-flowering plants too for balcony gardening then best choice for you is scientific plants like aloe vera, spider plant, Agaves or many more get here

▪️ Flowering Plants :- 

          Someone who have great love towards colors, then the flowering plants will be great option for them. Flowers are the best source of freshness and positivity for anybody. 

          If your balcony gardening is big in size then flowering plants will give you extra choice of work as a flower seller of. Flowers always have great demand in market. 

          Some top high quality flower plants for your balcony gardening is like Rose, Petunia, Bougainvillea, Lavender more many more.  

Balcony gardening flowering Plants
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3) Balcony Wall Decor :- 

            Lots of people focus on just floor and pot to create there balcony garden but walls of your balcony also a improve component of gardening. 

          Having attractive hanging pots, shelf is best way to design balcony wall. There also some DIY ways to get more attractive decor of garden, like use of water bottle for plants, 

 🔸 Hanging Pot For Balcony Gardening :- 

           There is not a single type of pot which you can use for balcony decor. Out of numerous choice we select multiple colors pot for your balcony which can easily matche with colors of flowers. 
Hanging Pot for balcony gardening
Hanging Pot. 
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▪️ Important Features Of Hanging Pot :- 

1) Most important Bottom whole which will manage watch level. 

2) Hanging handel, so you can place it anywhere you want. 

3) Multiple colors, Yellow/ Orange/ Violet/ Blue/ White/ Red/ Light Purple/ Pink/ Green/ Rose Red

4) Easy to remove hanging hook. 




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