Bookshelves ideas for bedroom

❤ How To Get Best & Unique Bookshelves. 

                       If you have lots of book then you will definitely love this post that’s ‘Best Bookshelves Ideas for bedroom’. Having a lots of book but they scattered here and there in a room then all your books definitely useless because they are not going to attack you towards them without any proper arrangements. 

Best Bookcase ideas for bedroom

             Having a bookshelves is not only for to keep your book on place, the best bookshelves always attack your mind towards the books and influence you mind in positive way to read a book. When you find your book without any hesitations it’s always impact on your mind so for that you should have a bookshelves to arrange your books in certain way. 

            Definitely everyone has there family home library but besides from home library you can also maintain your personal pretty small library in your personal space. So let’s go to learn best bookshelves ideas for your bedroom. 

▪️ Popular FAQ’s ; 

1)  Which is best place in a bedroom for bookshelves? 

             Having a bookshelves in a bedroom is itself a best thing, but where should you can place bookshelves for unique look as well as low space engagement. 

1) If we try to fill-up empty space of our bedroom as well as giving unique look then the best place to bookshelves is both the corner of your room which is just right and left side of your bed. 
            Both the side of your bed fill-up with books it’s look very eye-catching whenever you come in your personal space. 

2) Second best place for bookshelves in a room is just front of your bed, whenever you want on a bed a beautiful bookshelves will attack your eyes. 
          The having bookshelves in bedroom it’s always helps to keep positivity around space. 

3) The place on both sides of bed, you can add beautiful shelf on a wall of bedroom, you can choose best side that you like most. 

2) How do you decorate a bedroom bookcase?

            Decorating a bookshelves is not just for cool look and add beauty in room, definitely this is reason to decor but not primary. Primary reason is like having good looking bookshelves is attack your mind to read a book and keep positive atmosphere in room. 
          To give best look to bookshelves your are arrange your books horizontally and vertically to look better, you also add some other things than book like small plant in empty space, your winnings awards etc. 
      Let’s take deep dive in our best ideas for bookshelves bedroom. 

 1)  Medium Density Fiber Glossy Zig zag Corner Rack Shelves. 


Medium Density Fiber Glossy Zig zag Corner Rack Shelves for bedroom

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               Definitely it’s pretty small, but it’s add lots of beauty in your bedroom it’s useful only when you have small book collection. You can create such a corner bookshelves on both corner of room which is on left or right of your bed. these shelves have a unique modish look, shelves look stylish when it placed in a corner.

          You can buy any bookshelves according to your bedroom theme, colors, size, space. You can create perfect combination of booka and shelves. To look more attractive you can add extra items like houseplants, gifts, toys etc. 

     Specially corner bookshelves are very easy to assemble, you can assemble by own. Having a bookshelves in a bedroom is much more better than having a TV. 

2) Floor Standing Bookcase ;

Floor Standing Bookcase for bedroom

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                Best bookcases to add beauty in your room with attractive shape, unique stand with multiple store. Best for any location in your bedroom, it’s moveable from one to another place. As we see in picture it’s look very pretty in between TV and Houseplant. It can also give beautiful view when you place it near you bedroom window. 

               When we take a look of bottom of Bookcase we can see there is a leather and Nonwoven drawer which is useful to store small-small things. The flat bottom of Bookcase provide stability. There is one more thing that is no-slip pads that’s help to Bookcase stay connected to a bedroom floor. 

          The material which is use is in the sheesham solid wood with pure polish, total Bookcase comes with anti-falling accessories like huk to bind Bookcase with wall. 

3) Bluewud Seonn Engineered Wood Bookshelf with 2 Door Cabinet (Wenge). 

Bluewud Seonn Engineered Wood Bookshelf with 2 Door Cabinet

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           Double door cabinet smart storage solution at the bottom increase the storing capacity of shelves. Its DIY ( Do it yourself) type product, you can easily assemble it at your home. The size of a shelve is not so big so it can be easily fit in your bedroom. 

        With multiple racks, drawers, and 2 door cabinets you get the chance to decorate your shelves with having multiple sters you can place maximum things in that space. Altimate it’s give you large space to store books. 

          The elegant design and neat finish of the bed add more charm to your interior. It amps up the overall look of your room. With it’s easy DIY (Do-It-Yourself) assembly products you can easily disassemble your furniture and shift it anywhere you wish.
             This bookshelves comes with total one year warranty, overall quality and design of Bookcase is good, small design of it help to save your personal space. 

4) Solimo Aquilla Engineered Wood Wenge Finish Contemporary Bedside Table. 

Solimo Aquilla Engineered Wood Wenge Finish Contemporary Bedside Table

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                      Pretty small bookshelves but best for small space bedroom, it can easily add beauty to your room, best places to place it like corner of bedroom, near windows, or on the side of your bed. Best quality of polish on it resist from humidity, stains and hot water. It has small size so it’s easy to move from one to another place. 

              Total Bookcase is made using premium quality engineered wood with a classic finish. The table is undergone from 25 safty and quality test, it’s comes with 3 year’s of warranty. The table don’t have any sharp edges so it’s going to cause any injury in home. 

          The functional table is ideal for putting away books, laptops, etc. before you retire for the night. Placing a lamp on it can give your bedroom a unique character due to its classic finish.

▪️ Pros and cons of having bookshelves in bedroom;  

▪️ Pro’s; 

1) Bookshelves gives unique look to bedroom. 
2) Bookshelves become a center of attraction in bedroom. 
3) Easy to store book close to your personal space
4) Bookshelves saves a lot of space in the house.
5) Bookshelves appearance can be relaxing and charming.

▪️ Cons; 

1) Built-ins bookshelves fix at one place it can not move from there place. 
2) If you did not choose it wisely then it’s become headache not a mode refreshing. 

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