Best And Unique Wall Designing Ideas For Bedroom.

 ❤ Best wall designing ideas for bedroom. 

Best wall designing ideas for bedroom.

                 Almost everyone one had a dream to decor there bedrooms in most eye-catching and mode refreshing way,  but sometimes cost to do that not affordable for everyone, but there is definitely some ways by following that we can decor our bedroom in most affordable way. So here we are with some bedroom decor ideas for you. 
           Bedroom is most important and loved by us place in home, after all that’s the place where our day starting and also end of the day happened, for happy starting and end of day we decor our bedroom in mode refreshing way. Painting a walls, adding a wallpaper, sculpture, shelves this are most unique and affordable ways to design bedroom wall. 

         First we have keep in a mind there are number of ways to design bedroom walls, but what you like is most important thing, which way of design will match with your personality, your dreaming bedroom, with keep that in mind let’s take a deep dive in most unique wall designing ideas. 

1) Adding A Sculpture On Walls;

Sculpture design for wall decorations

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                Most affordable, unique and simple way to design bedroom walls is adding a sculpture on it, with adding a sculpture is not just filling empty space but its add value, beauty, positivity and also it provides necessary feel it deserves. Over a period of time empty walls of room feel boring and depressing to anyone no matter how attractive paint you did. 

               Having a sculpture on walls it’s becomes a center of attraction in a room and create unique touch to home decor. To add more beauty in a room you can add lighting just behind the sculpture. Having a sculpture in a room it’s not just adding beauty but it’s shows your character, not only sculpture but everything that you use in home decor defend your nature of thinking. 

          It’s ok that having a sculpture is good in a room but which sculpture style is best for bedroom? Do you think about that? If we try to understand method of home designer maximum of them suggest you stay way from sculpture like ghost, hunting, fighting etc, because of such a sculpture enhance negative energy in your personal space. 

Ganesha statue for bedroom

                       Lord Ganesha

                 Best sculpture to have in bedroom is like sculpture of God’s, love, nature, animal etc, if we study deep in Hindu mythology we can understand how God’s sculpture facilitate positive energy in your space. 

2) Paintings and photos ideas for bedroom wall design. 

Paintings and photos for bedroom wall design

           Painting and photos showing nature, love, stability and huminity is best categories which you can place in your room. Each category of this painting can provide your positivity, stability and also helps in refreshing mode at any time. Having a unique piece of painting it’s become a center of attraction in room. 

          In our ancient history cave architecture like carving or painting on walls of cave show that our love for art and painting has from passed from generation to generation. Every painting which you have around you impact on your mind in negative or positive ways. 
Best horses image for bedroom

                         What is the benifits of having painting in a room and which painting is perfect for me? To understand and get the answers of this question we have to take help of vastu Shastra, according to vastu painting of horses symbolises for perseverance, achievement, loyalty, victory, power, freedom, speed etc. Painting of flowing water symbolises for study growth, Success and stability of life. Painting of Maa Saraswati symbolises for knowledge. 

         There are number of painting with number of benifits but it’s upto you which painting you prefer of room. 

3) Using A Wallpapers;

Wallpaper design ideas for bedroom

                   Easiest way to decor your bedroom design is used unique type of wallpaper. If you select the wallpaper according to trend is going on like panoramic murals, 3D texture, contemporary geometric then it will be more mode refreshing and eye-catching. Choosing a right wallpaper is everything for us, while choosing it we have choose a Suitable Style For a formal look, ee can choose large-scale patterns with dramatic colors. 
              When we selecting Wallpapers select with multiple mix match colors pattern because plane wallpaper bring boring mode in a room. When mixing florals, plaids and stripes in a room areas, we can pick the patterns that repeat the same color or values of that color.

4)  Using Shelves For Bedroom Decor; 

Using Shelves For Bedroom Decor;

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                    Unique shape of shelves is also the way that you can decor your room in attractive way, it’s look attractive on wall and become center of attraction in a room. Wall shelves design make empty wall more impressive and add some extra storage space in a room. Modern shelves design provide unique look to interior of room. 
               Increasing a storage space, enhancing a beauty of room, Become stress free, adding creativity in room, shelving also helpful for to place a book, doqument, files, statue etc with enhancing shine of room. Shelving with particular patterns increase positivity, creativity, mindfulness in your personal space. 

             Shelves definitely add beauty and shine in room, but which type of shelves is best for you? Do you think about it? 
              Selecting the best shelves you always have to keep in mind where you going to use it. If you use shelves as book storage then it’s should be 30cm deep to fit large book. While selecting a Shelves for placing statue on it then it’s should have 30-50cm of space or you can select statue as per shelves size. The best height to hang shelves is approx to the eye-level of little bit more heigh than that but not less

5)  Adding light effect on wall. 

Adding light effect on wall.

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           Cost friendly, unique and simply way to design your bedroom walls, adding the light effect on walls it’s not just delivers light but it’s give shine effect to wall. When we use dim light bulbs to decor it’s looks more creative and attractive, As a full light sometimes affect your eye sight but dim light not like that. As we use dim light bulb it’s brightness is also adjustable. 

        Dim lighting is associated with relaxation, and winding down after work, to stay clam in stressful situations, it’s delivers stability in a space. Most of modern dim light bulbs rapidly modulate between on/off and and with adjustable brightness so it is safe for long term use in a low state. 

               Here is we are going to end our bedroom designing ideas short tutorial, but before that I have a question, Do you think at any point how it’s helpful in your day to day life? 
                  Bedroom is a place where start and end of our day take place so it’s have to be peaceful. Art is a most effective and primary way to relase happy hormones in your body. And we all know that hormones stimulate our actions, so for best action you have to be happy in your personal space. Endorphin hormones helps to reduce stress levels by doing things like lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, and improving moods. This are the scientific reason why should you have decor room. 

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